Decorating Your Home With Decoupage

My name is Aleksandra. Whenever I'm counting my blessings, my family and my art top the list. I'm just so grateful for these wonderful gifts. Each has taken its time to flower. Each has had to be worked on. Each gives meaning and beauty to my life today.

As a journalist, I grew a deep love for writing but little enthusiasm for the stresses of the news desk. Fortunately, while filing news reports one day, I spotted an advertisement for a course in Decoupage. I was intrigued. The very next day, under the guidance of a skilled practitioner, I was creating my first masterpiece.

That was seven years ago. I knew then that my vocation was to creativity and beauty. I took a floral course, which allowed me to make a living arranging wedding bouquets, while enhancing my decorative skills.

Decoupage absorbed me completely and allowed me to surprise my family with one delight after another. Eventually my husband and my parents insisted that I create this beautiful little family business.

Today I'm thrilled to be able to share my skills and my passion with others - men and women who love beauty. If you would like to create more beauty and grace in your life, please contact me today.

I am a member of Decoupage Arists Worldwide and British Guild of Decoupers.